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Native Village of Port Lions
P.O. Box 69 Port Lions, AK, 99550
Phone:(907) 4542234


Our Mission

To maintain a viable, self-sustaining farm that provides economic opportunity and produces nutritional natural grown food to the local community, using renewable resources through both traditional and modern day practices. 

Our Farm

The Port Lions Farm is operated and managed by talented grower Guy Bartleson and hydroponics supervisor Joe Kewan. At present, the farm is cultivating a wide variety of foods including broccoli, peas, leafy greens, strawberries, raspberries, potatoes, a large variety herbs, and also eggs! In addition the Port Lions Farm is operating multiple hydroponic systems year round to grow leafy greens and warm season crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, and cantaloupe!


The Port Lions Farm infrastructure includes two large hoop houses, an ever expanding soil farm, a large chicken coop housing their seventy laying chickens, and coming soon a containerized hydroponics farm!

​Growers Guy and Joe have a passion for providing nutritional and natural grown food for the community, Kewan says "it means everything to us being able to provide fresh produce for our community". The farm has made a massive impact on strengthening food sovereignty of Port Lions and they continue to offer a local option for produce.  Guy and Joe have been experimenting in new growing methods that allow them to offer foods that have not typically been available locally before. Consistently, Guy and Joe used their creativity and hard work to expand their farming and hydroponics operations in new and innovative ways, all while keeping their roots in traditional and sustainable growing practices.


In the future, the Port Lions Farm is looking to expand the farm's infrastructure, including a building for processing and packaging their harvests and building additional hoop houses for fruit trees and additional hydroponics systems. They are planning on incorporating larger quantities of crops into their growing season and to build self-sustaining economic opportunities within Port Lions!


Keep an eye out on the Qik'rtaq Foodhub for all and any new produce that they are offering!

Honoring Elders Glenn and Thayo Brandal

Respected Elders and agriculturists, departed

Glen and Thayo Brandal cultivated beautiful

and thriving gardens in the community of Port

Lions. Growing an abundance of foods, they

traded their produce throughout the community

for smoked fish, deer, and other goods Glen and

Thayo were key individuals in not only providing

local and fresh produce to fellow residents but in

the sharing of their agricultural and cultural

knowledge. In turn, they helped preserve

local food security and supported the maintaining of the traditional gardening subsistence lifestyle within Port Lions. The Port Lions Farm would like to recognize Glen and Thayo for their many contributions within our community.

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