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Old Harbor Alliance
PO Box 71, Old Harbor, AK 99643



Our Mission

Sitkalidak Sunrise Farm’s generational growers provide fresh produce, and food sovereignty for a sustainable lifestyle in Old Harbor, Alaska.

Our Farm

Community unity and the continued tradition of subsistence living is the foundation of Sitkalidak Sunrise Farm. The community of Old Harbor has placed an emphasis on strengthening food sovereignty through the farm and through the leadership of the Old Harbor Alliance a collaboration of the Old Harbor Native Corporation, the City of Old Harbor, and the Alutiiq Tribe of Old Harbor. Hands-on management include dedicated staff members from the Old Harbor Native Corporations and seasonal workers. The farm is also supported by an incredible number of volunteers and community youth involvement. 

Through the Old Harbor Alliance’s Agricultural Camp, the youth of the community are on the farm site engaged in the planting, maintaining, and harvesting while the staff and volunteers share their agricultural skills and knowledge. Old Harbor School students are also involved in the planting of seeds in the early spring and at the Annual Planting Festival in May. "Strong respect and care for Elders & youth Stewardship of our lands & ocean is important as they are our life sources" is a core value of the Old Harbor Alliance. So, it comes as no surprise that Tribal Elders are given priority in receiving the food harvested weekly. The remainder of harvest is then provided to other community members.


With three hoop houses, raised beds, and multiple hydroponic systems, the Sitkalidak Sunrise Farm grows a wide variety of crops.  The farm currently grows over thirty varieties of herbs and vegetables, such as broccoli, bok choy, zucchini, rainbow chard, cabbage, potatoes, celery, romaine, radishes, tomatoes, beans, peas, cucumbers, onions, green peppers, many varieties of squashes and much, much more. The farm also has some fruit production including a few beautiful cherry, apple, pears, kiwi and plum trees producing in one of the hoop houses. Future goals of the farm include a small outside orchard and expanding the current strawberry hillside with a variety of berries. Animal husbandry is not new to Old Harbor, but the farm is hoping once there is funding for an electric fence that they can raise pigs and possibly poultry for subsistence use. The farm has plans to expand volunteer and educational outreach through collaboration within the community and the Old Harbor School. There are also plans to further develop soil building and composting including the use of kelp tea.


So many exciting things are happening down at Sitkalidak Sunrise Farm!

Kailey Shugak

A dedicated farmer and Old Harbor Native Corporation staff member, Kailey has been working seasonally at Sitkalidak Sunrise Farm since the very beginning. Originally from Old Harbor, she and her family have been active in the community for many years. Currently, Kailey is studying Natural Sciences with an emphasis on Environmental Sciences at the University of Anchorage. When not in school, Kailey is active in the community and  spends summers in Old Harbor growing food, managing the farm and subsisting from the land and sea. Kailey has been a key individual in the day-to-day operations. Her involvement and work being very important in the success of Sitkalidak Sunrise Farm. Big Quyanaa to Kailey!

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